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Oxyaa started deejaying in clubs 1998 and created a new deejay name in 2016, Oxyaz. There have been many names before but now I have found my DJ name.

My music style is a little bit of everything. Old school, disco, dub-step, funk, R’n’B, hip hop, house, pop and progressive. In my style of mixing it’s a mix of a great mood with a good feeling. Never to corny, but just right!

I love playing music in clubs and parties. That’s why I have played so long and before it was hip to be a DeeJay 😉



6 Maj – Hits for you – Gävle

27 Maj – Marina – Grisslehamn

10 Juni – Hits for you – Gävle

24 Juni – Marina – Grisslehamn

Almedalsveckan – Visby

Vecka 28 – Visby

15 Juli – Marina – Grisslehamn

Vecka 29 – Visby

Vecka 30 – Visby

12 Augusti – Marina – Grisslehamn

More information or bookings contact: info@imbaa.com





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